How can treatment help me?

PTSD treatment can help you manage PTSD symptoms so you can feel better, improve your relationships, and do more of the things that matter to you. 

Jeremiah Civil

Cpl Jeremiah Civil

US Marine Corps, 2001-2005

Treatment has been huge. Treatment has definitely helped me. Treatment has turned my life around.

Boost your confidence

Sometimes, PTSD can feel heavy, like your symptoms are weighing you down. PTSD treatment can help you feel lighter and more confident in yourself.

I’ve learned to look at situations differently. Everything that has happened in my past made me who I am today. I’m very confident now. I’m very happy with who I am.” 

Eddie Hoffman (US Marine Corps, 2001-2010) shares how treatment has helped him feel happier and more confident.

Improve your relationships

In PTSD treatment, you’ll learn skills that will help you communicate better with the people you care about. When you’re able to share your thoughts and feelings with loved ones, you’ll feel better about the relationships that are most important to you.

We became a much happier couple. Even though we were dedicated to one another, we had some hidden problems once in a while. And more or less, [treatment] began to erase it from our daily lives, and we became more contented and very, very happy.”  

Albert Perna (US Army, 1942-1945) explains how treatment has helped him improve his marriage.

Cope with life’s ups and downs

PTSD can make it hard to deal with everyday challenges in your relationships or work. PTSD treatment can teach you new ways to manage your feelings and cope with stressful situations.

I don’t expect everything to go peachy keen because life has its ups and downs, but one of the most beautiful things is I don’t know if I could get angry anymore, I really don’t. One of the ladies at work says to me, ‘You’re always walking around greeting people, and people are always walking up to you smiling.’ And that’s something new to me, very new.” 

Horace “Ace” Carter (US Army, 1977-1999) learned skills to help him manage his feelings and keep anger in check. 

Find hope for the future 

PTSD treatment can also give you hope for the future. You can set realistic goals for yourself and start working toward the future that you’ve imagined. 

Laura Hendrixon

Laura Hendrixon

US Marine Corps, 2003-2007

I do have hope for the future. I went through the treatment and stuck with it because I want to have kids. I definitely think things are going to get better.”