What Is AboutFace?

AboutFace features the real stories of Veterans who have experienced PTSD, their family members, and VA treatment providers. By watching the videos on this website, you can learn about PTSD, explore treatment options, and get advice from others who have been there.

AboutFace is produced by the VA’s National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, the world’s leading center for PTSD research and education. The Veterans, providers, and family members on the site have volunteered their stories and expertise. All interviews are unscripted and represent the thoughts and opinions of the people who are speaking. 

I’m a Veteran who has been through PTSD treatment. How can I share my story on AboutFace?  

If you’ve been through PTSD treatment and are interested in sharing your story, email the AboutFace team at NCPTSD@va.gov. Please include AboutFace in the subject line.

I work with Veterans who have PTSD. How can I use AboutFace in my practice? 

For guidance on how to use this site with Veterans, plus more helpful resources, check out the Resources for Professionals page.

How can I contact the AboutFace team? 

Email us at NCPTSD@va.gov. Please include AboutFace in the subject line.

How can I spread the word about this site?    

For downloadable posters, public service announcements, web badges, and more, check out the AboutFace media kit.