Resources for Professionals

If you’re a provider or peer specialist who supports Veterans with PTSD, VA’s National Center for PTSD has resources that can help.

Learn how to use AboutFace with your clients 

Many providers and peer specialists use this website to help their clients learn about PTSD and learn from other Veterans who have had similar experiences. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas: 

The National Center for PTSD has also created printable guides to help clinicians and peer specialists use AboutFace with their clients. Download the guides to use in your practice. 

If you have questions about how to use AboutFace with your clients — or any questions about treating Veterans with PTSD — you can talk to an experienced clinician through VA’s PTSD Consultation Program. To request a free consultation, email or 866-948-7880.

Discover more helpful resources  

In addition to this website, the National Center for PTSD offers training materials, information, and tools for professionals who work with Veterans with PTSD. These materials are based on the latest research, much of which is conducted by National Center staff.  

For more provider-focused information about PTSD, visit the National Center for PTSD homepage and select “For Providers” on the left navigation menu.